OmaCash Partnership Program - Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions for participation in the OmaCash affiliate program (herein referred to as "the Program" or "we"). As used in this agreement, "you" or "your" means the applicant/webmaster.

The applicant hereby acknowledges and accepts that becoming an affiliate implies automatic acceptance of the Terms and Conditions hereunder.



1.1 You must be at least 18 years of age or the legal age in your jurisdiction to participate in the Program.

1.2 By signing up to the Program you agree that you accept to receive notices in regards to the Program as long as you are part of the Program.

1.3 In order to participate, you must register by submitting an application with CORRECT information via We may choose to decline your application should we find any of the information and/or your website unsuitable for any reason.

1.4 The Program's administration reserves the right to refuse your participation in the Program for any reason.



2.1 You may use any form of promotion you choose, that does not breach the terms of this agreement.

2.2 OmaCash must at all-time be able to track your hits and visit the websites from where the visitors are coming from. All hits must come from your own web page(s). You are not authorized to use OmaCash's name, URL or anything associated with OmaCash or its websites outside of your website(s).

2.3. Our sites MAY NOT be opened or loaded in a FRAME.

2.4 OmaCash grants you a non-exclusive and limited license to utilize OmaCash's site names, titles and logos, trademarks, trade names and other similar identifying material to advertise, market, promote and publicize in any manner the Sponsor Sites solely for the purposes described herein and during the Term.

2.5 You may not copy, reproduce, alter, modify, change, broadcast, distribute, transmit, disseminate, sell or offer for sale the materials, in any manner, anywhere in the world, without the express written consent of the Program.

2.6 No SPAM will be tolerated like unsolicited emails sent by or via you. This condition also applies to, but is not limited to, newsgroup postings, email links, malware, spyware and any other form of illegal content distribution etc.



3.1 You may not advertise and/or send traffic from any site containing child pornography or material that is not compliant to 18 USC 2257. We maintain a zero tolerance policy towards anything related to child pornography.

3.2 Advertising our products and sites to minors is not tolerated.

3.3 The Program does not accept sites and links from sites that endorse actual, implied or simulated: bestiality, obscene, rape, torture, child porn as well as warez, mp3 & password selling or trading.



Your duty in order to receive a commision from the Program is to direct visitors via a webpage to the Program's authorized websites. A commission is paid on a revenue share basis when a visitor views your webpage in his Internet browser, clicks on the authorized linking code issued to you by the Program, is redirected to the Program's authorized websites, enters his/her credit card information, is approved and the Program receives the fee. The Program reserves to modify the authorized linking codes at anytime, but it will however notify you in advanced of such changes in order to allow enough time to comply.

4.1 The Program pays you 50/50 share for every trial or full sign-up, generated by traffic sent via your authorized linking code.

4.2 The Webmaster Referral Program pays you 10% of the revenue of webmasters that join the Program after visiting an authorized webmaster referral linking code.

4.3 No sale shall occur when the visitor visit the website without going through an authorized linking code issued by the Program.



5.1 Payouts are calculated based on commissions received during a one week period. Commissions are paid weekly after the end of each week period.

5.2 The payments are made by checks or wire transfers.

5.3 All payouts are in US Dollars and made by the payment processor CCBill.

5.4 Using a fake payout name or filling out the application with false information is considered as a fraud. OmaCash reserves the right to close all the accounts and void the payment of you caught cheating with one of his account.



The termination of your account is based to the following:

6.1 If you cheat anywhere on the OmaCash network, your account will be terminated and you will not be allowed to gain access to a new account. Credit card fraud is closely monitored and will not be tolerated by OmaCash. Misleading advertising by you will be considered as cheating. In the event that any sort of mechanism that falsely generates hits and/or signups to the website is detected by OmaCash, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and earnings will not be paid.

6.2 OmaCash reserves the right to terminate any affiliate for any reason, including but not limited to, fraud or suspected fraud. Fraud includes, but is not limited to, the submission of unauthorized email signups, the creation of new email addresses for submission by the affiliate, or changing HTML or other code related to the affiliate program. OmaCash is not obligated to pay the balance of a terminated affiliate's account.

6.3 The sign-ups you have sent to the Program have excessive refunds and/or chargebacks.

6.4 Sending sign-ups deemed as fraudulent by the Program or performing any action that is deemed as an attempt to cheat the Program.

6.5 Signing up through your own account by yourself, an associate or a person directly instructed or related to you.

6.6 Signing up through your own account by yourself for the webmaster referral program.

6.7 If we get notified by one of our billing processors that they request your account to be terminated due to violation of their Terms of Service or due to sales deemed as fraudulent by the particular processor.

6.8 Illegal advertising as stated in section 3. Illegal Advertising



7.1 We will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue, profits, or data, arising in connection with this agreement or the Program, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Further, our aggregate liability arising with respect to this agreement and the Program will not exceed the total commissions paid or payable to you under this agreement.

7.2 The Program will not be held liable for any loss due to server downtime, network downtime, packet loss, net traffic problems, acts of God, acts of war, riot, fire, flood, or other disaster, acts of government, strike, lock-out, communication line or power failures, inoperability or destruction of the Site or its components.



1. OmaCash reserves the right to terminate this agreement or transfer an account from a publicity program to another at any time, for any reason, including, but not restricted to, profitability.

2. We reserve the right to change the terms of the OmaCash program, at any time without notification.

3. This agreement, and the relationship between you and OmaCash will be governed by the laws of Spain. The sole and exclusive venue for any action arising under this agreement will be in the Courts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, and you hereby submit to the jurisdiction and venue of such courts.

4. You, acting as the potential affiliate, warrant that you have the legal capacity to enter into a binding contract, and, if appropriate, have the authority to bind your principal or employers to these terms and conditions.





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